Rocky 5 & the obstinate generation

Woke up (9/24) thinking about this scene from this classic movie.

A father (Rocky) sacrifices his time, money and family, to pour himself into another, because he saw a spark of greatness and tried to fan it into a flame.

The tragedy (like many upstarts today) is that Tommy Gunn did not have the character to back his firepower. And what did the father (Rocky) get for his honesty and investment? Betrayal, ridicule and a beating. I understand why the apostle Paul said: “The more I love. the less I’m loved” My heartfelt thanks to all of the “Fathers and Mothers” of the faith, who tirelessly spend their lives on an obstinate generation that views honest men and woman as abusive leaders instead of role models. ~M


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  1. knock that punk out, he took my room!
    Seriously though, we have been talking about this so much lately. Shelley speaks of the spiritual Grandma’s that are so rare these days. It was so uplifting to see spiritual parents all over ANOC. People stopping to correct or love on other people’s kids…… to spend some time with mom and dad this past weekend and tried to encourage them into a local church to be these very people we are missing and not bury their talent. 😉

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