Sell Out / Talk is Cheap

The reason many people say they will never sell out is because they most likely have already, unwittingly “bought” in. In doing so, they continue to support a system they deny being a part of. For example, if someone feels a need to tell everyone they are not “religious”… chances are, they probably are.

A friend said it like this, “No doubt about it. I have found that the reason a person is more defensive and outspoken about an issue is because that issue hits really close to home, and is probably something that person is dealing with more so that the people they are addressing.” He pretty much laid it out straight.

In a multiple choice question; the “random” answer is usually correct. If someone is talking about something incessantly, they are probably engaging in it. This could be positive, for example, a person who constantly talks about Jesus, is probably guilty of having a relationship with Him! ~M

What consumes your conversations, thoughts and time?


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