When In Rome

Feel that vibration in the steering wheel? Congratulations America you are in the oxcart rut of the Roman Empire! And to add insult to injury, insane people are behind that wheel. And our “political correctness” has blindfolded justice, turned the term “patriot” into a missile or a New England football team, silenced the peoples voice and extinguished Lady Liberties torch. Politics is a party issue, patriotism is a virtue… never confuse the two! Some of my “religious” constituents recently accused me of being political because I believe our Washington government is out of control. Perhaps the same people will enjoy what their silence and empathy earned them… socialism. If I was a republican or a democrat, I could rightly be accused of being “political.” Since I am an Ambassador of The Kingdom, I am neither. I am also an American citizen, and have been ringing a warning bell for sometime that few have listened to. When asked what 2010 would be like, I responded; In a word… Revolution! Remember that, during the birth of our nation, something wonderful happened in Boston Harbor… A revolution, the Boston tea party. What started it? unfair taxation… on English black tea! On the horizon looms something insidious, secret and unconstitutional! Not a tea tax… a complete fleecing of America, a colossal violation of human rights and freedom to make our own decisions concerning our families well-being. Politicians are professionals, Patriots are… we the people, not he the meople. Legislation was never created to to create a legacy for one man, it was created to guarantee liberty and justice for all. The people of America have spoken, yet their cries appear to have been ignored in Washington. If these “elected officials” are really working for us, WHY CAN’T WE FIRE THEM? We need a REVOLUTION! Start today, there is a King who always hears the cries of his people, King Jesus! Prayer changes things. Secondly, Faith without works is dead… there is plenty you can do. There are fearless American men and women putting their lives on the line on foreign soil to protect our freedom and we can’t pray, make a few phone calls, be a voice? The “Sons of Liberty” helped to replace tyranny with freedom, so… I am calling the Romans 8 “Manifested Son’s of God” to emerge and model The Kingdom in this generation! They will not be “politically” correct, they will be righteous! They will be different…. they will be set apart…The world is waiting to see them! Remember: All that is left for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing! If we do nothing, before long we will be saying: When in Rome, do as the Romans do. As I recall, it didn’t bode so well for them.

don’t confuse politics with patriotism. And don’t complain about what’s happening to this country if you are not even willing to pray! I understand the Kingdom and I am very aware that America’s apostacy is …enevitable however as you get to know me you will find that I never give up, I love hard, and if I am going down, I’m going down swinging!!



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2 responses to “When In Rome

  1. rob

    Awesome word Michael, convicting and convincing, I feel the same way and hope more “Christians” will get it and manifest as children of God sooner, rather than later. Like Luther…here we stand!

  2. Timely, Michael. We are seeing not simply an Arab spring, but another American revolution of sorts. Greed simply will not be tolerated. And nor will status quo. Jobs (and heads) will roll in 2012 for certain. It is time for the Kingdom to be incarnated in its subjects!

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