In these uncertain times… one thing remains certain, Gods supremacy, security and sovereignty. Power mad individuals throughout the ages have attempted to undermine Gods authority… all have failed, and will continue to do so. In the council of Heaven tonight my friends, ALL IS WELL. The elders are, as usual falling down before the Father of Lights in utter abandon. Their exclamations of Worship and adoration permeate  the throne room’s atmosphere, inciting an unspeakable response from all  the citizens of Heaven. They are not wringing their hands in fear concerning the affairs of man on the Earth, for they know the end from the beginning. Not one iota, from his Word is subject to change, regardless of wars, rumors of wars, mayan calendars, conspiracy theories, or mans predictions (add nauseum).

 The good news is: No Man Is God… merely carbon based fallen heads who usurp systemic control of this dung heap known as Earth. Kingdom sons and daughters have at their disposal, the deep mysteries of God and live from a Heavenly perspective, far outside the most sardonic of mans endeavors. From this fearless vantage point, those of us who know our Father and His eternal order will continue to live as free abassadors of a Kingdom that shall have no end.

 This planet has an expiration date determined by God alone. According to the book of Revelation, this Earth as we know it will be purged with fire, and a new Earth will replace it. If self appointed aristocracy wish to claim sovereign control, all they will become at best is: Lords of a dung heap destined for incineration! NO man can enslave what God has made free with blood. If you know God, it is impossible to know fear. –


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