Contradiction ……. a poem

It sounds so good coming out of your mouth, you preach true north, yet your compass reads south. The real agenda, nobody knows, you smell like a wolf, yet your wearing sheep’s clothes. You are quick with a handshake or a pat on the back, all the while planning your next lethal attack. We were hoping, praying, believing you’d learn, but you are in the wrong chair as the table is turned. Though you speak with the voice of an angel, without love, it’s nothing but noise. You can heal, prophesy, call down fire from the sky, but without love, you are nothing. Your silver tongued words cut deep like a knife, releasing false judgement, division and strife. This powerless existence, is not Kingdom life… CONTRADICTION! affliction, it’s just pulpit fiction. You believe you are covered in glory? Here is the rest of the story: “The emperor is naked!” The emperor is naked, when he is standing in the light. And what did you think you were building all along? Your earthly kingdom, a palace for your throng? A vision that shallow won’t last that long. Friend, unity built the tower of Bable, you’ll see the truth when your able… Union is the greater of the two! A double minded man is always non-prophet, a single minded child has a lamp in his eyes. A lover trumps a hater, there is nothing greater in the world. So, lay down your arms and fall to your knees, grab a heart full of truth… and repent, if you please. There is instant forgiveness just waiting for you, the moment you turn, you’ll see it is true. Life is a Kingdom, God’s gift to you… without CONTRADICTION!


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