Man Centered Church

Something to ponder, perhaps our “western” theology greatly differs from God’s actual divine nature. Is what we call worship, worship to Him? Is what we call beautiful, beautiful to Him. Are the celebrities we have created on Earth, known in Heaven? Have we become a little to familiar with a God we barely know?

To quote a friend “Shame on the preachers that preach cunningly shaped doctrine of men. Shame on the teachers that teaches what serve only to enrich and exult themselves. Shame on the prophets that prophecy for profit. Shame on the evangelist that goes only after the numbers shame on the pastors that fleece the sheep. Shame on the worship leader that made it entertainment. Shame on the people who wanted it this way.”

check out this link below for a parody of what I am talking about.



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2 responses to “Man Centered Church

  1. Christian Fahey

    Pardon the misspelling of me own surname: Fahey

  2. Christian Fahe

    Good point, Michael. I met a feisty Catholic lady named Mary (apropos) who talked about “the church founded on the testicles of Henry VIII.” She had a point. Is it about Him or how we’d like to shape Him into a manageable, well-behaved deity. Do write more. You definitely have a voice and something to lend. Miss you and your dear wife bro.

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