Needless casulties of war, Do God’s sheep hear His voice? This is for all God’s beaten sheep… you are loved!

I find it sad that if anyone even tries to insinuate balance, discernment or “testing” every spirit to see if it is the Lord, they are immediately painted against the wall with immature self righteous rhetoric such as: well you must not embrace the gifts of the Holy Spirit, what about pentecost, you must not like the glory, you just need to jump in the river. In 26 years of ministry both as a pastor and itinerant minister, I have come in contact with hundreds of needless casualties of war. Unfortunately, all of the damage was an “inside” job! Yes, inside the church, in the house of friends! Just yesterday received another email from a precious brother in Christ who was so abused during a particular “revival” from other people in the church telling him the only reason he didn’t receive the “laughter” is because he had sin in his life, lived too much in his head, had to read his bible more, needed to go to more meetings to get “it.” What is “it?” Finally he writes; “I faked the manifestation so I would feel accepted by my church family.” Eventually, the guilt of faking the laughter to be accepted, caused him to leave the church, looking for answers, excuse me, but isn’t that the very place he should be finding answers? The good news is: when he got away from man, he heard God and felt His pleasure and LOVE. Here is the TRUTH… whenever you are around something, someone or you are somewhere where you feel like you are not doing enough… you are in the presence of a nasty religious spirit… my suggestion… leave immediately! Thank the Lord for video cameras and cell phones, unlike people they don’t lie! I challenge you to go on youtube and look at the people commissioning, prophesying over, complimenting and might as well call it what it was, worshipping Todd Bentley. All of those words where BOGUS! In 2006, the Lord told me not to prophesy into the 2008 elections or the economy, so I kept my big mouth shut! Go to Youtube people and watch for your self! Hear the words of the biggest and the brightest “prophetic” voices in America prophesying over the 2008 election ? Wrong all wrong!!! So I ask all of you this question? When they said; “The Lord would say unto you” and then prophesied over Todd Bentley, the 2008 election, subjects “infinitum”… who was speaking? can God lie? can He be mocked, or ever be wrong? FB friends: those of you who actually know me, have spent even an afternoon with me or my wife know we are champions of TRUTH. There is a GREAT deceptive force in the church and it is being protected by many who claim to have never “sold out” that is because they have already “bought in” and feel a need to protect the false and marry it to the true, thus creating a colossal spirit of confusion! Friends, we need to let God speak for Himself! The definition for the term: “taking the Lords name in vain” may not be what you think! It means, “to put words in Gods mouth that He never spoke.” 1 Corinthians; chapter 4, tells us that we have been entrusted with a “sacred trust” and that those who receive it, MUST PROVE FAITHFUL. Lets get back to Jesus, the word, and the fear of the Lord!!! Here is truth, when the true gifts of the Spirit are manifest: anyone who is truly saved KNOWS IT! And in the same way, when a false move of the spirit (man) is manifesting, anyone who is truly saved KNOWS IT! HIS SHEEP KNOW HIS VOICE AND CANNOT BE FOOLED, COERCED, TRICKED OR DECEIVED INTO FOLLOWING ANOTHER…PERIOD.




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2 responses to “Needless casulties of war, Do God’s sheep hear His voice? This is for all God’s beaten sheep… you are loved!

  1. postal rates

    i love your blog, i have it in my rss reader and always like new things coming up from it.

  2. China

    Yes, Amen Michael. Praise the Lord.

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