Asleep in the Light!

This isn’t a “preach” or a “rant”… this is an alarm! The so called “watchmen” are snoring, and many of the old guard have mutes in their trumpets. To be silent now in light of the escalating insanity in the body of Christ would be criminal! Is anyone reading the Bible anymore or has it become an old school, antiquated textbook easily replaced by the latest “pulp fiction” christian novel? Matthew 24 and 25 would be a great read at this time in eternity. I would draw your attention to this section, along with a steaming cup of java , if you are so inclined! “For false Christ’s and false prophets WILL appear and perform great signs and miracles (why?) To deceive even the elect- if that were possible (it is VERY possible) SEE, I HAVE TOLD YOU AHEAD OF TIME! (He can do this because He is the Alpha And the Omega, the beginning and the end). So if ANYONE tells you, There he is, out in the desert, DO NOT GO OUT; or, Here he is, in the inner rooms, DO NOT BELIEVE IT!” What amazes me is how easily we are deceived. We don’t even have to worry bout being “deceived by the devil” when man is doing such a great job at it alone! It also is tragic that we learn so little from our mistakes. They swept the “Lakeland thing” under the rug before they wiped the egg off their faces (“they” know who they are). No one apologized, took responsibility, no one was accountable, or spent their own money to come to Lakeland to help clean up the trash the circus left behind. But we’re all the wiser for it, right? Discernment on 10, right? WRONG! We are “ASLEEP IN THE LIGHT” once again! If the “Kingdom of God is within you, why are you purchasing airline tickets to go find it? Jesus told the pharisees… “The Kingdom of God DOES NOT COME with your careful observation, nor will people say, Here it is or there it is, because the Kingdom of God IS WITHIN YOU.” You look for without, for what you already possess within! Someone has a couple of “good” meetings and up goes the revival flag, the internet’s ablaze, the rumor mill churns, PR and hype is applied, the who’s who christian cults of personality fly in to affix their seal of approval, but not before getting an impartation of “it” to take back and have the same attention in a few months! And all of this was “prophesied” by a false prophet that should have quit while he was ahead! God is not mocked! I suggest a red flag or at least a yellow one, but certainly not a revival flag. Revivals come with contrition… deep revelations of our sin, great exposure, weeping and yes, REPENTANCE! I am shocked at the reasons people board trains planes and automobiles to attend meetings…I need more of God? I need his presence,(more like, his PRESENTS) Friends, YOU HAVE HIM WITHIN YOU, WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? GOD FORBID YOU FIND IT BECAUSE IT WON’T BE HIM! If you don’t feel his presence now, at home, at work, with your family… you have a real problem! For the Lord is a SPIRIT and where the SPIRIT of the Lord is… THERE IS FREEDOM, and where the spirit of man is.. .there is bondage! Right now, good people are opening their mouth’s and standing against the tyranny and injustice in the WhiteHouse… and they are applauded. Yet, if a good man or woman opens their mouth and stands up against the tyranny and injustice in the church, they are despised! I am sounding an alarm, ringing a bell, shouting from the mountain top; WAKE UP CHURCH, THE WORLD HEARS YOUR SNORING! You can help me make JESUS famous in our generation…Be a Voice!!! If you resonate with this message, post it everywhere! The HARVEST IS WHITE.. .Where are the laborers?

“In the Light” ~ DC Talk



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3 responses to “Asleep in the Light!

  1. Christian Fahey

    “Friends, YOU HAVE HIM WITHIN YOU, WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU LOOKING FOR?” Indeed, Michael. Howard Hendricks once said, “If your Christianity doesn’t work at home, I’ve got news for you: It doesn’t work. Don’t export it.” We are prime candidates for deception if we allow the same scoff attitudes that arise when the false prophets and date-setters preach their error. He certainly expects us to know the signs of the times and be simultaneously “occupying til the Lord come” and “loving His appearing.” Your point is spot on. Good reading for these days is Matthew 24-25, where Jesus warns us at least 4 times “take heed that no man deceive you.” In fact, it was the first thing out of His mouth when the disciples asked when the time of the end of the age would be. Stunning. Keep blowing the trumpet bro.

  2. Amen! I am firmly convinced that there is only one way that “Heaven Invades Earth” and that is through death, burial and resurrection. I don’t trust any brother or ministry that has not modeled bearing of a cross to the point of death. It’s a surefire litmus test for seeing who is real and who is counterfeit.

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