Prophecy or Prognostication

There is a colossal difference between prognostication and prophesy! One is man guessing, the other is God speaking. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like it when I am misquoted or when people say I said something I never said. How do you think God feels when many of today’s self proclaimed “prophet’s” put words in His mouth? If you peruse youtube you will hear the Brightest and Best proclaiming words about the last election, george bush, tony blair,sarah palin, you name it, and guess what? WRONG, ALL WRONG, not even close! And the saddest part, their itineraries are full a year in advance! Friends… were not talking darts here, where you get points for just hitting the board. These people said, “Thus saith the LORD!” Where is the truth, the fear of God and discernment on behalf of the body of Christ? We need a “Changing of the guard” Blind men (and women) make terrible watchmen! The next generation deserves better! I miss leonard ravenhill and art katz…they understood the weight of responsibility, integrity and Godfearing resolve necessary to be an “oracle” of God. You don’t recieve this at some “conference” it is seared into you in the desert!!!

We desperately need some desert fathers to emerge to restore truth, and organic first century Christianity. Maybe then the world can see the difference between our current “cardboard cutout of Christ” and the genuine article! And if you are in the habit of trying to make someone’s bogus prophecy legit because you like them…remember this, “even a broken clock is right twice a day” I am afraid that’s not up to Heaven’s standards. If this stings…it is probably the truth. Goodnight



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2 responses to “Prophecy or Prognostication

  1. Gina

    i am in the desert. have been for a long while. i know your article is an exhortation but i just had to tell you it is also an encouragement. i will let patience have her perfect work so i may be perfect and entire lacking nothing.

  2. Good word Michael, I appreciate these blogs.

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