Remember when Christianity was about passion, pursuit and purity? Not politics, position or performance.

Remember when we met in simple environments like parks, beaches and humble homes? Not crystal cathedrals

Remember when there was a difference between sacred and secular?

Remember when we wrote with pen and paper and thought for ourselves without the aid of computers or high speed internet connections?

Remember when pastors were humble, prophets had a voice, apostles earned their titles, teachers were champions of truth and evangelists possessed power?

Remember when men spoke like scholars and clothed themselves with integrity?

Remember when women were gentle, graceful, dressed modestly and were highly respected?

Remember when our nation had morals, convictions and a God-fearing resolve?

Remember the challenging words of Keith Green, Martin Luther and Charles Spurgeon?

Remember your first love?

Remember your vows

to Him……….Remember?



Filed under organic spirituality

2 responses to “Remember?

  1. Christian Fahey

    Moving and convicting, M. Thank you. Wow….

  2. Not all good things are lost. The remnant remains my friend 🙂 But, I remember when things were more simple. I never cease to be amazed that the God who is beyond comprehension, and vast in every way, designed us to live this life so much more simple than we try and make it for ourselves… I feel a blog coming on! Love you!

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