Changing of the Guard!

After visiting the “Redrocks” visitor center yesterday( as in 2009), I was once again reminded how history always repeats itself! Although 1776 won our independence, the 1900s built and shaped this nation. In the worst economic time of our young nation, our most wonderful achievements were built. Standing at “Redrock” I realized that not only were most of our national treasures built but the modality remained the same, fathers and sons! Mount Rushmore, Hoover dam, Redrock, are just a few examples that still stand today of what can be accomplished with Gods schematic. Young people built this nation!! Thats right, thousands of young people were taken off the streets during the “depression years” and were paid, housed and fed to work with older artisans and architects, and out of that combination of fathers and sons…our nation was built! This happens like clockwork every 40 years…we are due for a massive change… not the one promised by our current president… but a sweeping “Changing of the guard” that will effect Church, State, nation and the World. Fathers (and Mothers) are awaking to fresh vision as “guidance mechanisms” Youth are awaking to fresh vision realizing they are “Nuclear Warheads” in need of “guidance mechanisms” to steer them to the target! the Elijah/Elisha embrace will give our generation a new sound, new vision and new leadership! But beware, there are many “so called” fathers who would exploit our young people and enlist them to build their little kingdoms. A true Father would provide the guidance and the materials to build the dreams of their sons and daughters! With so many twisted doctrines and threadbare theologies out there, we will really need to employ our wonderful gift of discernment to know the difference between the “fakers” and the”Fathers” Nevertheless, nothing can stop the “Changing of the Guard” Lord, this is the hour, this is the time…send us true Fathers and Mothers and turn the hearts of the Sons and Daughters back to them, and in doing so break the curse which has destroyed community and derailed the destiny of a generation, I know you will intervene..Amen


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  1. Great post Michael! I love being alive during this time period.

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