My Friend

I have a friend who always calls at the exact time I need to hear His voice. He always seems to know right where I am at. We live a considerable distance from each other, yet we have an eternal connection. He is no stranger to suffering, but he never complains about it. He is often misunderstood, especially when He speaks from the other side. He is outspoken, passionate and undeniably intense, yet completely empowered by love. Many people claim to know my friend, they often drop His name when its convenient for them or when there is something to gain by it. Those same people wear little rubber bracelets with his initials on them, and then do things he would never do. This kind of thing never seems to bother Him, however I don’t think He likes it when people put words in his mouth. It is frustrating when people say you said something you never said. He is really patient, kind and long suffering and he literally loves the hell out of people..I know I have experienced this. What really amazes me is…He always says I am just like Him! I have to believe Him because he is incapable of lying…but then he continues, “and you can do whatever I do.” Truth can sound like heresy if you don’t have eye’s to see! If you want to be encouraged you should have a talk with my friend, by the time you are finished you would think you could walk on water or at least turn it into wine. I wish everyone had a friend like mine, He has thick skin and will still be around when the rest leave offended. In a crowd, we he speaks to you, it feels like there is no one else around. And beautiful…please! just being around Him makes you look good! He never asks me for favors, He always loads me down with blessings, after all what can you give to a King? Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you my friend was royalty of a vast domain…He is the King of Hearts and He is surely the master of mine. Since I met my friend the King He taught me to live my life from the inside out…He changed the sign on my heart, it now reads, “EXIT ONLY” That is the way to love. Well I got to go He’s calling on the “other” line. Why don’t you give him a call, I know he would love to talk to you!


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