Holy Toast: Tips for Avoiding Adrenal Fatigue

By nature, humans tend to be overly dramatic and fixated on big things. 

(Read the signs and manifestations of adrenal fatigue here.)  

Jesus continually draws our attention to little things, a mustard seed, the tongue, the little foxes, and of course, a child. In God’s economy, little is big.  The adrenal glands, as mentioned are tiny organs in this human anatomy. In man’s economy, bigger is better and small is often ignored. Jesus was an advocate of downward mobility, with the servant being the master of all.   The purpose of this article series is to bring awareness to the little things that you may have overlooked that have more power than you had realized.

In the natural, your tiny adrenal glands will shut your body down if you don’t learn to nurture them and live in peace.

“Sometimes an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Anonymous

Here are some practical tips that have miraculously helped people overcome adrenal exhaustion.

1)      Take a Sabbath day: Take one day for yourself a week and turn off computers, cell phones, televisions and needy friends!

2)      Find a good B vitamin supplement (food based) at your local health food store. Make sure the supplement is high in B-12 and folic acid.

3)      The adrenals love licorice! Many have reported amazing results using pure Licorice root extract.

Finally, if I may offer a little Spiritual advice:

1)      Identify the “little things” that are causing big problems. If your ministry becomes more important than your family, re-evaluate your motives for being a minister.

2)      If you have truly “given” your life to Jesus, than start trusting Him with it, it is His life now.

3)      Meditate on this scripture until you have an, “Aha” moment;

2 Peter 1:3, “His divine power has given (past tense) us everything we need for life and Godliness through our knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and goodness.”

4)      Realize that God is the center of everything, not you, incase you started to believe your own press, and enjoy the accolades of others.

5)      When exhaustion rears its hideous head, read the psalms! They are the “Gos-pills” for what ails the weary soul.

6)      Rediscover your reason for being; worship the Lord and walk with Him in the cool of the day.

7)      Don’t worry about anything, Pray about everything.

 It is my prayer that this article series will bring life and healing to you, right where you are. You are God’s crowning achievement, take time to laugh, love and listen.

 If you do, you find out that it is better to be an “on fire” Christian, than merely a burnt offering!



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5 responses to “Holy Toast: Tips for Avoiding Adrenal Fatigue

  1. Great post. Thanks for sharing ways you may be able to avoid adrenal fatigue through some of the small changes you suggested.

  2. Awesome brother Michael! I’ve missed seeing ya! God bless you and Lillian!

  3. Katrina Davis

    Boy would I love to sit and visit with you. I have adrenal fatigue. When we moved back to Michigan I didn’t know what was wrong and I’d had a couple Dr.’s quit on me. A rheumatologist gave me some help. I think the biggest help was Gatorade – I didn’t want to drink anything with sugar, but it raised my blood pressure and that was a big help. We moved to MI. A year or so after we moved here I heard about a treatment for Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome. I was skeptical since I had tried so many things in Florida, but as I read about it and saw how well I fit the symptoms I decided to try it. I had always had a low temp, as long as I could remember. The treatment worked. I soon weaned off all the drugs that I had been taking. For I think 7 years I needed no medicine. Then a year and a half ago the symptoms came back. The Dr. that treated me before has left the area and I had to go 2 hours away to find help. I’m now being treated for Adrenal fatigue and then the Dr. will consider trying the Wilson’s treatment. I knew that you and Lillian did cleanses and fasts and things, but I don’t know your health history. I appreciate this post and you. Love, Katrina

    • Hey!

      I have been involved in Health and Wellness for years. We should talk sometime. Your Dr’s idea sounds god as long as he is open to looking into “Wilson’s” as well. The adrenals are easily overwhelmed, there are a lot of natural ways to nurture them. Glad you liked the article, Love to Butch and the brood. Love, M

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