Die to live…Live to die

I am constantly amazed that so many find life through my death…dying to self releases the fragrance of Christ not the stench of death but life incarnate because as you decrease Christ IN you increases… Galatians 2:20 perfectly articulates this downside up paradigm. The Kingdom of God is an “upside down” Kingdom where the servant is the master of all. The Kingdom is a world outside of this world, a sky beyond the sky and a government that exists independently from man’s government and it operates with it’s own set of laws and principles and non linear physics. Gods Kingdom frustrates carnal man because mans thinking is diametrically apposed to it because it exists outside of his intellect in a realm that is organically Spiritual. Do you want the seeker to find Christ in you? Then, die to yourself as a caterpillar must die to reveal his true self to the world…a butterfly…if you are a believer your “true self” is Christ! Either we are “hidden” in Christ or if we refuse to die, He remains hidden in us and the seeker continues his sojourn for truth. If you are no longer your own and purchased with a price (blood of Jesus) how then can we remain selfish? Maybe a better term for being “saved” could be…conversion, transformation or metamorphosis…Die to live, Live to die- Michael



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2 responses to “Die to live…Live to die

  1. cheryl Eischens

    WORDS from LIVED WISDOM my dear brother!FATHER,Thank you for Micheal and His walk.He has ALWAYS desired to LIVE HIS life to exalt you.And he always does.GOD continue to LEAD and TEACH Micheal that the BEAUTY you showed him in the Catipillar’s DEATH and LIFE’s TRANSFORMATION into the MOST BEAUTIFUL butterflie.Thats the Path we are seeking is very much our PATH to you!!Thank you,Love you,CHERYL Eischens:)

  2. Nancy McDougall

    You continue to be used of the Lord to bring (amazing) confirmation and encouragement … this is a huge one for me…. (my Upside-Down Bible!) and something I began writing awhile ago… God’s Timing is always PERFECT! Thank you once again, Michael and God’s continued Blessings on your Ministry!

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