“He who has been forgiven much loves much,” this is a scripture that truly describes Michael’s life and ministry. for booking, contact and detailed information on tour dates.

Michael started playing guitar around the age of ten and later studied classical guitar with Joseph Lazarro, a protégée of Andre Segovia. He was discovered and toured with Young American Showcase during his senior year.  After a few years of being a prodigal and running from the Lord, Michael decided to end it all in order to stop the pain, and decided to kill himself. In what he thought were his final conscious moments, he called out to God, saying “only you can save me now.” To Michael’s surprise, he awoke in the morning…surrounded by the glory of the Lord’s presence and was instantly set free from his drug addiction. 

Michael came back to music working with Mylon Lefevre and Broken Heart . In recent years he traveled and ministered with Jason Upton, and most recently he has been playing, touring and recording with Rick Pino and Fire Rain ministries. He also travels and ministers in music and the Word with his own team of skilled ministers and musicians, sharing his bold and loving message all over the US and abroad.  His experience as a youth pastor, worship leader, accomplished musician, producer and itinerant speaker allows him to cross age barriers as he ministers out of the heart of the Father from a deep well of love, power and revelation. Michael’s heart and focus is to network Christians for a greater impact on the world, and to be a voice to awaken the church.

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5 responses to “Bio

  1. Lissa

    I came across a blog about lupas on my search of causes for drug induce lupas that I have recently been diagnosised. I researched the physical and spiritual induces. In my faith in God, I have seen how physical issues can be a manifesting of a spiritual matter; seeing God speak in any way. In my younger years, I too read about the two wolf (interesting that lupus is wolf in latin). I had several things occurr around the lupas symptoms highten more before knowing what it was called that caused me to be angered at people and even myself for listening and letting people speak into my life that would bring others down and way from God. I shut many people including my husband out in some ways. This post you shared on your perspective of spiritual remifications occuring with lupas was very encouraging as well as Love Resultuation song on the page. Thank you for sharing. The symptoms of lupus, of nerological and inflamation in my joins and mind focus, has been shut me down in some many ways. I really want to learn to love even those who have choosen to encourage others to walk away from God give calls and reject others and feeding wolf that loves., which possible cure to lupas. It is something I will pray through. thank you for speaking on loving enemies.

  2. Lynne

    About 20 years ago, I lost my hearing for no known reason, and my hearing has been replaced by phantom sounds called tinnitus. I have not been able to conquer this as these sounds at times are not tolerable, and make me extremely anxious and unnerved. If anyone has a solution to help me it would be greatly appreciated. I have the Wholetones set and I do listen to them, but these sounds still persist. Thank you. Lynne

  3. PRAISE YESHUA/JESUS for you Micheal! brother mark powers terry

  4. Lynne Moyer

    I have been listening to the Wholetones CDs now for quite a while. I was born a Catholic, and I still am with a few tweaks. I say a rosary in the morning while listening to the CDs, and you would be surprised how the music adds to my meditation on the mysteries. Thank you for them, and may I ask you to keep my daughter in your prayers. She overcame lymphoma with chemo, but now faces myeloma, God Bless, Lynne

  5. Thank you for sharing this. Really, thank you. I look forward to spending time on your blog.

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